Natural Order Supply

Natural Order Supply provides small to commercial sized cultivators with the tools needed to have a successful crop from start to harvest. It's a one-stop-shop for high-quality, affordable sustainable products that will help you grow with ease and confidence, whether indoor or outdoor, novice or commercial.

Dip Devices

Dip Devices creates premium vaporizer products and accessories. Dip strives to be the leader in bringing high-end, innovative products to the ever expanding vape and vape accessory market. Dip values quality, originality, and caring customer service.

America Israel Cannabis Association

The America Israel Cannabis Association (AICA) has been established to foster collaboration and communication between North American and Israeli cannabis companies and individuals. AICA is a membership-based business networking organization that can facilitate research or licensing deals, investment opportunities, and other endeavors. AICA aims to be the ultimate source of information and education regarding activity in the industry between the two nations via online content, in-person events, and facilitating conversations.

Two Bridges Design

Two Bridges is a nimble design studio based out of Denver, Colorado. We specialize in building identities and bridging the gap between you and your clients through thoughtful design. We believe a brand should evoke emotion, strengthen loyalty, and and attract more of your audience.

Green Lion Innovations

Green Lion Innovations capitalizes on the team's experience in hardware design, manufacturing, and operational strategy to assist clients with every step of the product development process. GLI can help bring ideas to the market through product ideation, design for manufacturing, sourcing and quality control, and product launch. GLI also focuses on connecting the cannabis industry to a range of existing products to ensure their clients are using the best available solutions to accomplish their goals.